Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Compelling reading

Looks like there’s something afoot with this Jimmy Jewel - he’s stumbled on something quite big – the mysterious death of an antiques dealer – one Jeremiah Webber.

But it’s apparently connected to something bigger... it’s amazing how familiar all these characters sound – Jimmy Jewel, Damien Patchett… I hear that somewhere in all this is an even more familiar name; Charles Parker...


AnswerGirl said...
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Maela said...

Hi John!
When i read your books... its like i'm transport to another reality....
What you are doing with the new book its amaizing! Its like that reality mixes with this one....
what a great idea!

omni said...

Hello John

Well, as someone who has always looked forward to the Charlie Parker series, I'm sorry to say that this is one of my least enjoyable reads in the series.
You never managed to make the hairs on the back of my neckk stand up and you usually do.
I understand the difficulty in keeping the same character fresh and to have the menace removed from the collector will be something you no doubt will have difficulty in replacing.
Our gallant dark heroes Angel & Loius were brought in rather late not to mention that there was only one commentary on Louis's attire, I mean he himself would be slighted would he not?
I just remember I sorted of fibbed you did have me for a moment when the dog strayed and got entangled in the briars what is it about little girl ghosts that get us.
Your style of writing seems slightly diffeent also straying from story to description deeper description. You had a nicer balance of this in earlier episodes.
this one seemed simpler our heroes escape unhurt untarnished yet here they were not up against ethereal foes as before but trained soldiers elite killers.
perhaps you are trying to say that these killers are easily killed unlike other worldy possessed individuals but that does not come through.
Perhaps the end is already in sight and this book is just a prelude a penultimate episode and workup to a finale that the collector realised and saw that it was over for them all, and he was glad.

omni said...

Me again, sorry about this read my blog you will understand me:
The previous post about Jimmy Jewel etc all being so familiar.
I'd go so far to say they are more than familiar.
The reteraunt scene gay bashing from another scene right
Jimmy jewel my memory is not so great it comes it goes like the tide, but suffice to say you won't be seeking his help again!
I hope you don't think my comments derisory i'm just being critical in supporting my favourite charcters, it's like being deprived lines in a sitcom, but really no one got the best lines here, your characters were highly underused.
even your soldiers done minimal recon and any good sniper will be out there a long time before.