Friday, October 29, 2010

Punch Brothers

Saw the wonderful Punch Brothers in Portland, Maine tonight, although I
suspect Chris Thile had no idea who I was when I introduced myself after the gig, and was just being
polite, despite the fact that I'd paid a couple of thousand dollars out of my own pocket for the rights to one
Nickel Creek song and one lyric line to be used in 'The Unquiet'. Crumbs, it cost me ten times as much as an
entire verse of T S Eliot. Sigh. Oh well. In his defense, he did look a bit shellshocked after a great
performance, and I struggle with names all the time, especially in those circumstances. He is extraordinarily
gifted, and, in 'This Is the Song', he may well have produced his loveliest work to date. I just don't think I
have a memorable name, or face. Buy the album 'Antifogmatic' - an antifogmatic being, apparently, an
alcoholic drink one has in the morning to steel oneself for a day's work. You learn something new every
day . . .

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Tales from the Birch Wood. said...

I wouldn't worry about not being recognised.

I had never heard of Chris Thile.

Always useful to keep up with your blog.

Jennifer said...

Ooh thank you for the information about what Chris Thile is up to these days. I was disappointed when Nickel Creek disbanded. Love your books - although some are hard to read at night before going to bed.