Tuesday, October 12, 2010

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Dear Folk,
I hope you missed me as much as I missed you.  Because I did miss you.  A lot.  I'm really a very sensitive man, you know.
Here's what I've been doing while I've been trying not to miss you, along with some stuff that I will be doing so that I don't miss you more . . .

From next week I'll be hosting a weekly hour-long radio show for RTE's digital station, 2XM.  The show, entitled ABC to XTC, allows me to indulge my love of music from 1977 until the mid- to late eighties, along with some related modern stuff.   It will be available to listen to on digital radio and online on Tuesdays and Saturdays, and the first show goes on Tuesday 19th at 10am, with a repeat on Saturday evening at 9pm.   To kick off, in addition to the titular ABC and XTC, you'll hear Squeeze, The Beat, Simple Minds, Foo Fighters covering Gary Numan, and lots of other stuff.  Further details will be available over the coming days on the 2XM website at http://www.rte.ie/digitalradio/twoxm/ but we just thought you'd like to know first.  Once the show is up and running, we'll sort out ways of putting playlist links on the website, and contact details for requests, comments, and the like.  Do give it a listen, and let me know what you think.

As most of you will be aware, I didn't tour in the US for THE WHISPERERS due to touring commitments elsewhere.  Sorry about that.  In an effort to make up for it in some small way, I will be doing one formal US signing at the lovely Kennebooks bookstore in Kennebunk, Maine on Thursday October 28th from 7.00-8.00pm.   Everyone who comes along, or who orders a book from the store to be signed, will receive a copy of the LOVE & WHISPERS CD, and we'll try to throw in something else as well to make it even more special.  Also, as it coincides with the Halloween weekend, it will be the first chance for US readers to hear an extract from HELL'S BELLS, the sequel to THE GATES, which will be published next year, of which more below.  Further details about the signing are available from http://www.kennebooks.com/index.php?option=com_events&task=view_detail&agid=78&year=2010&month=10&day=28&Itemid=2

HELL'S BELLS, the sequel to THE GATES, will be published next May in the UK and the US.  An extract will appear on the website in the coming weeks, but for now . . .

Samuel Johnson is in trouble.  Not only is he in love with the wrong girl, but the demon Mrs Abernathy is seeking revenge upon him for his part in foiling the invasion of Earth by the forces of Darkness.  She wants to get her claws on Samuel, and when the Large Hadron Collider is turned on again, she is given her chance.  Samuel and his faithful dachshund, Boswell, are pulled through a portal into Hell, there to be hunted down by Mrs Abernathy and her allies.
But catching Samuel is not going to be easy, for Mrs Abernathy has reckoned without the bravery and cleverness of a boy and his dog, or the loyalty of Samuel's friend, the hapless demon Nurd.  Most of all, she hasn't planned on the intervention of an unexpected band of little men, for Samuel and Boswell are not the only inhabitants of Earth who have found themselves in Hell. 
If you thought demons were frightening, just wait until you meet Mr Merryweather's Elves . . .

On November 24th at 8pm, I'll be introducing a lovely 35mm print of Roman Polanski's CHINATOWN as part of the annual Classic Movies Season at the Ormonde Cinema in Stilorgan, Dublin.  Tickets are €9, and can be booked through the Ormonde's website at http://www.ormondecinemas.ie/classic-movies.php.  Other films in the season include THE MAN WHO WOULD BE KING, LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, ANATOMY OF A MURDER, and IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE.  The highlight of the season occurs on Wednesday October 13th, when director John Boorman introduces a screening of his classic 1960s revenge thriller, POINT BLANK.  I wish I could be there instead of on a plane somewhere over the American mainland.   Enjoy it in my stead, if you can make it.

The US paperback edition of THE GATES has just been published by Washington Square Press, and makes an ideal Halloween or Christmas gift, as well as being the perfect size for propping up uneven table legs, and badly designed chairs.

I've written the introduction to the Scorpion Press edition of James Lee Burke's latest novel, THE GLASS RAINBOW, which was an honour.  I wouldn't be writing now without Burke's influence, and THE GLASS RAINBOW is a fine edition to the Robicheaux series of novels.  Further details are available from http://www.scorpionpress.clara.net/scorpionpress/new.html

My essay on The 7th Voyage of Sinbad can be found in CINEMA FUTURA, a volume of essays by various authors on their favourite science fiction movies, edited by Mark Morris and published by PS Publishing.  Copies can be ordered from the publisher's website at http://store.pspublishing.co.uk/acatalog/Cinema_Futura.html

It's likely that I'll publish two novels in 2011: HELL'S BELLS in May, and the next Charlie Parker novel in September.  At the moment, I'm still juggling titles, but I thought you'd like to know that there is another one on the way.  

So that's it.  It's not like I haven't been busy.  Still missed you, though.

Best wishes,

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Bevilacqua said...

Hi John !
I have just discovered "The book of lost things" - and I must admit I have been engrossed in it from the first page ... until the last one.
I picked up my computer and "googleized" your name - I will be happy to discover other aspects of your tale-teller's talent !
I don't know yet wich belong to child books, or detective stories ... but I will soon know.
I was glad to read from you directly on the blog - it seems to me an efficient media to share one thoughts.
And as we say it here in Guadeloupe - French west Indies - "si y bon, di y bon" - "when it is good, tell it is so !".
Cheers, John.